Slurry Dewatering Made Simple
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about us: Dayco Pty


Paul Day (pictured) founded Dayco Pty Ltd in 1992 as a Chemical Engineering consultancy designing and installing effluent treatment systems for small to medium sized businesses.

According to Paul Day, "In the first five years of business we saw many customers frustrated with the 'hassle', downtime and cost of operating their dewatering process. 

Food processors, wine producers, printers, metal finishers - whatever the industry, they were all facing the same problems.

A customer challenged us to come up with a design that would do away with the problems and costs of coping with variable slurry composition and flow rate and we created the V-Fold folding belt filter press."




A V-Fold demonstration unit for on site testing on a customer's premises

  A winery in Barossa Valley, South Australia was the first V-Fold customer. It subsequently bought three more V-Folds for its other sites. 

One of its winery services managers described his experiences with it: "It's maintenance free. We only have to clean it down thoroughly when we want to shut it down for more than one or two shifts. Day to day we just hose it down around the rollers and leave it at that."

When the V-Fold was launched in 2000 with model SS600, it quickly found a market niche because of its simple and forgiving design.

Already more than 50 V-Folds have been sold into a wide range of industries and process applications including dewatering slurries from settling pits, clarifiers and DAF systems.

A larger version of V-Fold (the “Maxi-V”) was launched in 2004.