Slurry Dewatering Made Simple
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product: v-fold folding belt filter press

How It Works | Forgiving Nature | Easy Automation | Simple Installation | Self-Tracking Belt | Cost Effective | Performance


How It Works

The V-FOLD is like a conveyor with filter fabric as the belt. It differs from other belt presses by using a single belt made from conventional filter fabrics with a reinforced centre-line. As it moves slowly forward the belt folds along the centre to form a “V-shaped” cavity that can hold feed slurry.
Initial dewatering is by gravity draining in the feed cavity. Sludge is then trapped between the sides of the belt and squeezed as it passes around a series of vertical rollers where pressure and shear form a filter cake.



Forgiving Nature

Industries in the small to medium size range often have variable wastewater quality.
The V-FOLD is “forgiving” of variations in feed composition that can upset conventional dewatering equipment. The feed cavity simply fills a little more or less depending on slurry conditioning. It can make the difference between frequent Operator intervention, and leaving the filter to run almost unattended.

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Easy Automation

Slurry feeding is unusually simple to automate. An optional “V-FOLD automation package” uses ultrasonic level sensing over the feed cavity to control the feed rate. This maintains a desired slurry level in the feed cavity for good dewatering and allows alarming of process upsets.
V-FOLDs are available in various models to suit the process automation requirements - from “bare” models for site electrical wiring and control, to “dewatering system control automation” models.  The advanced control models have an exceptionally flexible electrical panel to display and control ancillaries often used in conventional dewatering systems.  “Unattended” operation can be a real option in many applications.

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Simple Installation

A small footprint (from 3m x 1m) and optional factory mounting of many ancillaries and control packages to the filter frame make installation simple.  When slurry conditioning is needed, polyelectrolyte is dosed into a “serpentine” mixer/flocculator factory fitted to the V-FOLD.
The unique design allows some Dissolved Air Flotation and Clarifier processes to feed slurry directly to the V-FOLD instead of using an intermediate storage tank.

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Self-Tracking Belt

The combination of horizontal and vertical rollers makes the filter belt “self-tracking”.
No special tracking devices are needed on the V-FOLD.

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Cost Effective

The simple design, 316 stainless steel frame and slow moving belt make a reliable filter with little maintenance needed. Power requirement is so low the filter belt drive can run on single phase power.
The forgiving nature of the V-FOLD means little operating labour is needed.
V-FOLDs are available as economic “bare” models, or factory fitted with many options.

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The V-FOLD filter can dewater a wide range of feed materials. Two sizes are available, each with various options to suit Customer needs. Like all dewatering devices, V-FOLD performance depends on the feed slurry. They are operating with slurries from approximately 1% DS to 10% DS, and have feed rates up to 3,000 litre/hour.

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